Alexis Le Dressay, a DPLG architect (Ecole d’Architecture Paris-Villemin, graduated with honors) and Cedric Le Dressay, his brother, a software engineer (ENSIIE and Master of Science in software engineering, Birmingham, UK), decided to join forces in January 2000 to create a video game studio.


Alexis and Cedric have a thorough knowledge of video games. They are both computer aficionados and have extensively played video games since their childhood.




The quality that defines Eugen Systems Team Members is passion. Each member of the team works in one of the three following departments.


The game design department is in charge of game play and making game levels.


The art department is made of 2 groups. One, the Art Research team is working closely with the 2 technical 3D teams to get the most of the current engines and pushing technology. The second team is in charge of defining the graphic look and feel, producing part of the 3D modeling, as well as producing the drawings for outsourcing.


Finally, the technical department is in charge of the technology and software development. This department is made of 3 groups:


- The 3D team is in charge of the 3D engine development and low level system development.

- The AI team is in charge of implementing the gameplay elements and the algorithms related topath finding, flocking, decision making, and ray traced vision.

- The Tools team is in charge of all the tools used by the Eugen team (Terrain modeling, levelbuilding tools, compilation robots and automated testing, fx editor...).