Platform: PC

Genre: RTS

Launch date: 03/05

PEGI rating: 16+

Publisher: Atari









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The situation

It is the not-so-distant future. The world is facing its worst energy crisis ever, with gas prices above $7 a gallon, a situation caused by drastically reduced production outputs by the oil companies and terrorist attacks against energy holding around the globe. The situation is disastrous even in Western countries, with massive strikes, protests and calls for the governments to act. From anti-globalization protesters for anti-war forces to environmental activists, people across the board are demanding change. The level of activity is creating powerful instability -- instability that can be used as a weapon for those who operate in the shadow...

The heros

Meet U.S. Army Major Jason Ritcher, a twenty-three years veteran of the U.S. Army and former commander of the 1st Special Forces Detachment Delta (Delta Force). Trained to be the best, he's a career soldiers who's served his country with distinction -- but these days, he's persona non grata at the Pentagon. Army top brass view him as a menace, unorthodox in his approach and unfit for command. Fortunately for Ritcher, his loose-cannon personality is exactly what the National Security Advisor wants for the leader of a new anti-terrorist "direct action" military unit knows as Task Force Talon.

The enemy

What started as scattered incidents of terror escalates quickly when a terrorist attack occurs on U.S. soil. Conventional warfare tactics no longer apply as pockets of professional terrorist groups, financed by a shadowy Consortium of back-room conspirators, begin well-coordinated attacks in the streets of cities around the world. Their purpose -- besides causing chaos and mayhem for the citizens of the world -- is a mystery.


- Chilling and authentic techno-thriller - Storyline and game universe created in association with Dale Brown, 14 times NY Times best-selling author and expert on US military, global conflict and future military technology.

- Military authenticity - The first RTS to combine a real universe with simple, elegant game play. Using highly detailed representations of existing and experimental military technology, Act Of War : Direct Action offers an authentic battle experience without the  complexity.

- Emotional attachment - Zoom down to street level on the urban battlefields of San Francisco, Washington DC, London and Moscow; all highly detailed, realistic and fully destructible. Medevac your own wounded soldiers and take enemies prisoner (rather than killing them), contemporary/near-future combat comes to life in very modern way.

- Unique, innovative gameplay - "Human resourcing model", based on prisoners of war, pilots, tank drivers and others non-combattants means that to survive, you really have to care about what matters in war; life and death.

- Technology revolution - Level of detail in character animations and textures, and lighting technology only seen in contemporary FPS games.

- Infinite replayability - Extensive multiplayer options and single-player skirmish mode for infinite replayability

- Huge variety - Three different playable sides, over 100 different units and upgrades, over fifteen skirmish maps with terrains from all over the world, over 30 single-player missions.



Windows 2000/XP
Pentium III 800Mhz / Athlon 800Mhz
256 Mo internal memory
6 Go free space on hardrive
4X CD-ROM drive
DirectX 9.0c (Include)
64 MB Compatible T&L video card



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