Some of the most drastic changes brought by the Reboot Edition are dealing with the game’s economy:

  • Money, money, money …

 The three-resource system gives way to a single-resource one: dollar. Aluminum & Rare Earth have disappeared in favor of oil deposits only, while banks, prisoners & admin centers provide $ as usual. Electricity, on the other hand, not being exactly a “resources”, stays as it is.


Pricing was rethought to convert the previous multi-resources prices into $-only ones for all infrastructures, units, researches, upgrades, … In the process, some buildings made obsolete (like the FOB or LEM) were removed accordingly.

Which bring us to another change: the Refineries. In the “vanilla” version, they had to be placed on resources fields. In the Reboot Edition they will act as LEMs did, that is an advanced processing center recovering tankers and instantly converting oil into $. Therefore, the closer the refinery will be from an oil field, the faster you’ll get the cash, but also the more endangered they will be …


Since refineries are now acting as cash converters, the task of drilling the oil fields themselves will be transferred to a new building, the Extractor, which will have to be set directly in contact with the individual oil field.


  • Resource fields

Resources (that is: oil) fields won’t have to be surveyed anymore: there will be fewer of them, with now only one deposit, but more durable and all visible from the start, even through the Fog of War.

No more random resources setting either: you’ll always find them at the same location. Therefore, being made obsolete, Survey units are removed from the game.

A new option in the game lobby will also allow you to set the durability of resources fields (from x1.5 to x10), in order to make game last longer if you wish so.

  • It’s a rich man’s world

Finally, expenditure will be up-front. No more pre-ordering buildings, units or upgrades even if you don’t have the means to do so at the moment: you will need to have the cash to start a production, and you will be charged immediately.

This system should bring Act of War‘s veterans some memories back …