Time for Cartel to have the place of honor! Today we will have a look at one of its best asset: the Spectre tank.

Taking advantage of their connections within the military-industrial complex all around the world, Cartel leaders have always kept an eye on groundbreaking new military technologies. And when one was deemed innovative enough, and likely to be useful to the Cartel, they stopped at nothing to acquire it: blackmail, murder, industrial espionage …

Since the 60’s, they have gotten hold on several major military projects, some of them officially branded as failures after Cartel operatives sabotaged them. That way, Cartel leaders could push target companies into bankruptcy and thereafter recover or destroy blueprints & patents, making sure that some technologies, especially stealth ones, remained their monopoly.

The Spectre stealth tank is the result of decades of such policy. It combines the framework and weaponry (140mm main gun!) of the never produced Swedish Strv-2000 super tank, with stealth tech & advanced optronics from the sabotaged PL-01 Polish prototype.

HD video here


In Act of Aggression, thanks to its optical camouflage, the Spectre can close on the enemy to deliver a well aimed shot on its unsuspecting target with its powerful 140mm gun. Yet, doing so will temporarily remove its camouflage, leaving it vulnerable to enemy fire. Although packing more punch than the US Army’s Abrams or Chimera’s Terminator, the Spectre is also the least armored of all three “main battle tanks”. Hence it is worth mentioning that “hit & run” is the strategy suiting it best ….


The Spectre can be equipped with an additional 40mm autocannon. That powerful anti-aircraft gun will enable it to efficiently engage helicopters (but not planes), but also add its firepower to that of the main gun against ground targets. With improved optronics, the Spectre will also be able to spot and engage enemy from further away.


But the more useful upgrade available to the Spectre is the Advanced Optical Camouflage. Unlike the original version, this improvement enables the stealth tank to remain invisible even when it opens fire. In that configuration, only dedicated recon units with stealth detection system may then spot them.


We will be back next week with another “Unit of the Day” …

Unit of the Day #02 : Spectre