The new Nation Pack: Israel for Wargame: Red Dragon is now available on Steam!

This new DLC, chosen by the community, brings 96 new gorgeous units to the battlefield! The Israel Defense Force fields mighty tanks, such as the legendary Merkava, heavily modified M60 and Centurion. This new army also introduces new anti-tanks guided missiles designs, such as the Spike, MAPATS, LAHAT, and of course the one Eugen System’s designers like to call “The purveyor of Dreams”, the Nimrod missile!

Wargame: Red Dragon - Nation Pack: Israel Merkava

State-of-the-art weaponry connoisseurs will enjoy the Makmat, a huge self-propelled heavy 160mm mortar mounted on a good ol’ World War 2 Sherman tank; the monstruous Multiple Launch Rocket System MAR-290 is on Centurion chassis; or the Sholef, proudly mounting a Finnish gun on a heavily armored Merkava chassis. MadMat did an exhaustive Army List right here.

Wargame: Red Dragon - Nation Pack: Israel - plane

Lucky community members were able to play this new DLC and made a lot of fantastic preview videos during the weekend. Now it’s your turn! Have fun!