Since the release of Steel Division: Normandy 44, we have been continuously supporting the game with new map variants, modding tools and balance updates. And since we will continue to use our community’s feedback to tweak the game, we are happy to announce that we will also release new content, most of it for free, in the future.

We know how much you like teasing, so we’re not revealing everything at the same time (it wouldn’t be funny), nevertheless, here are the first details on what’s coming:

  • Second Wave DLC (read the full announcement here): 4 new divisions, 35 new units including the magnificent M18-Hellcat, fresh blood to the battlefield.
  • Free New Game Mode – “Closer Combat”: Read the official announcement here.
  • Free Ace Pack: This first pack will contain 2 new exclusive ace models from World War 2.
  • Free Attack/Defense Scenarios: In these 6 new scenarios, one side will play as an attacker, and the other one as a defender. 2v2 incoming!
  • Free Unit Pack: 4… no… SIX NEW UNITS! And none of them are OP!
  • Free Historical Mission: Playable in 2v2 multiplayer, solo and coop, it covers the Canadian contribution to the larger British Operation Goodwood and features, for the very first time in Steel Division: Normandy 44, the 11th “Black Bull” Armoured Division, cooperating with the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division to capture the Steel Mill and the Escoville & Giberville villages from the hands of the 16. Luftwaffe & the 21. Panzer divisions. Read the full announcement here.

Keep an eye on this page, it will be updated… Soon™.