Unit of the Day returns, detailing new vehicles for Act of Aggression. We are back with Chimera to have a look at one of the most advanced vehicle in its arsenal: the Antey-2500.

The real Antey.

The Russian Antey-2500 is an early 2000’s upgrade of the Cold War-era Soviet S-300V (I knew that name was somehow familiar 😉 ).

It is both a heavy SAM (Surface-to-Air missile) able to target and destroy planes at very long range and high altitude, an anti-ballistic missile, a precision-guided munitions launcher, … 

Mounted on a tracked chassis, it can be fielded in both two and four-tubes variants. 

HD video here

The Antey ingame.

Just like the Patriot for the US Army, the Antey holds a dual purpose in Chimera’s arsenal.

In the first place, it is the UN strike force’s best anti-aircraft weapon system. Able to engage both planes & helicopters at long range (same as the Patriot), one single hit from its SAM (Surface-to-Air Missiles) will deal crippling damages to its target.


But Antey also grants Chimera the ability to target and defeat enemy tactical weapon strike. If in range, and supplied with “interceptor missile”, it will automatically fire at the enemy weapon and defeat it before it strikes its target. But unlike the SAM missiles which are infinite, the anti-ballistic ones are all accounted for. And must be supplied (hence paid) individually.

And that’s where the Antey‘s upgrade allowing it to double its number of launching tubes takes all of its interest. With twice the tubes, the Antey can storage twice the number of anti-ballistic missiles to counter a volley of tactical weapons coming in quick succession.

But where the Antey distinguished itself from the Patriot, and even all other anti-tactical weapons platform, is that it is a vehicle. Not a building. Although it required its very own building to be produced, the platform is therefore mobile, and can accompany a battleground on the move and shield it from a tactical strike. Something no other faction can do.



We will be back next friday with another “Unit of the Day” … 

Unit of the Day #04: Antey-2500