As promised after the successful release of our first Nation Pack for Wargame: Red Dragon, we are about to deliver a brand new, and free, 10v10 map.


This map, named “Russian Roulette“, for obvious reasons as you can see below, will “feature a very innovative circular level design” according to Lever Designer Félix ‘FLX‘ Habert.


While, on regular maps, the two armies where usually facing each other from opposite sides of the battlefield, in “Russian Roulette” they will be intertwined. “As you can see on the map, deployment zones are coming two by two. Those twin deployment zones will always be from the same side, but the twin ones on their right and left will belong to the enemy“. Hence, whatever your starting position on the map, you might always be flanked on both sides by bad guys. “But the good news is: the same will be true for them!” as FLX puts it.

The idea is to have to “secure the flanks while moving toward the center to snatch the juicy command zones there“. Of course, one side could choose to abandon some zones from the start to gather on a few others, but thus leaving easy points & reinforcement zones to the enemy.


It has to be noted that “Russian Roulette” is setting a few records. According to ‘FLX’, “this map will feature the largest playable area ever in Wargame: Red Dragon!“, allowing for large-scale maneuvers. But as Level Builder Thibaut ‘Valence’ Robin, whom built the map, commented, it is also the 10v10 maps with “the highest density of fields and gameplay elements we’ve ever made“, leaving ample room for ambushes and sneak tactics.

For the anecdote, the patchwork of fields is inspired by satellite pictures from the Pyongyang area … 🙂

This free DLC will be available on Steam on Monday, November 7th. Will you dare play the “Russian Roulette“?

EDIT: Due to some techical issues, the map will be released on Tuesday, November 8th.